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What are the main type of hot or cold therapy?

3 MAR 2014

Hot-cold therapy can be very effective in controlling pain and speeding recovery from injuries or muscle and joint pain. To effectively use these treatments, just follow some simple guidelines. Hot-cold therapy consists of alternating heat and cold therapy on the injury or area of pain. It is also known as contrast therapy. To understand hot-cold therapy, you would need to understand the basics of heat-cold therapy. Superficial heat therapies include heating pads, heat lamps, warm moist compressors, and medicated creams or gels. Pain associated with muscle spasms, leg cramps and menstrual cramps responds quickly to these superficial heat treatments. Deep heat therapies involve ultrasound treatment, electric stimulation or paraffin baths.

Cold therapy often revolves around the acronym RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and reminds us how to treat injuries, such as sprains, strains, bumps and bruises.
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